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[VIDEO] Michelle Obama Meets The Little Girl Who Went Viral Staring At Her Portrait

Michelle Obama has a dance party with girl, 2, who went viral staring at her portrait as it is revealed the tiny tot now has a publicist (and it’s the same firm that works with The Smithsonian)

Parker Curry may become the youngest girl ever to go viral twice.

The 2-year-old Washington DC resident got her first taste of viral fame last week when she was photographed with her mouth agape while staring in awe at the portrait of Michelle Obama which was recently hung in the National Portrait Gallery.

Parker and Michelle chatting during their meeting on Tuesday (above, with what looks like a Jasper Johns in the background)

It seems that the second time may be even sweeter for little Parker though, as on Tuesday she got the chance to met the girl in that painting – and have a dance party.

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Michelle Obama shared video of herself dancing with Parker after meeting the toddler, who is currently being represented by a lifestyle PR firm, TAA Public Relations, that also works with The Smithsonian Institution.