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[Video] Meet Amoy Antunet, The 7-Year-Old Future Neuroscientist Stunning The Internet 

Amoy Antunet, Post Science Videos Online And We Can’t Get Enough Of Her!

Meet the seven-year-old whiz kid who is schooling the internet on college-level neuroscience from a lab in her bedroom.

Amoy Antunet, from Atlanta, Georgia, has racked up over a million views on her Facebook page, which features explainer videos on everything from neurotransmitters to cell division.

The youngster’s love of science began at the age of three when she stumbled upon a microscope belonging to her college student dad, Davin Shepherd.

Video courtesy of BBC

Davin, 43, says the second grader became his study buddy, with him explaining everything he was learning during biology classes to prepare for a psychology degree.

Amoy quickly built up a collection of chemicals, replica organs, test tubes, and microscopes, which she uses for experiments from a lab in her bedroom.

Then, at the age of five, the dad-daughter duo took to the internet to show off her talent, posting a series of videos of Amoy conducting experiments and giving lessons.

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