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[VIDEO] Judge Jeanine Embroiled In Shame After Blaming Obama For Trump’s Rob Porter Scandal

The television judge turned conservative news hack has erupted disgust after blaming President Obama for the misogynist culture on display in the current White House.

Photo credits: Fox News

Racism, misogyny, and utter foolishness of all sorts is on full display in national politics and among the national media in these early years of the Donald Trump presidency.

The way Trump and his team are handling things at the White House is making that place look like a figurative pigstye. This past week, the news about two Trump aides (one being Rob Porter) who had to resign from the White House was spreading like a California wildfire.

These two men had to leave their jobs over allegations of domestic battery. One of those aides tried to deny it and Trump defended him even though pictures emerged everywhere of the disgraced White House staffer’s ex-wife donning a black eye. She obviously suffered from abuse at the hand of her ex-husband.