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[VIDEO] ‘But…we did the same job?’: Children Beautifully REJECT The Gender Pay Gap In Experiment

‘But… we did the same job?’: Children beautifully REJECT the gender pay gap in heart-warming experiment

A Norwegian financial trade union have created a simple and incredibly moving video highlighting the gender pay gap issue.

The footage was made in honour of International Women’s day and shows children taking part in an experiment illustrating how they react when introduced to the idea of gender inequality.

Put into groups of two, they participate in an exercise together that sees them pick up plastic balls from the floor and place them into containers.

The children give unscripted responses after they were told that the reason for the uneven share was because of their gender.

‘That is so weird’, said one little girl as she examines her glass.

Another said: ‘We did the same job but I got a smaller amount’.

A little boy also shared his thoughts on the matter: ‘She was just as good as me so we should get the same reward, said one of the boys as he shares his larger glass of sweets with his female team mate’.