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[VIDEO] This Janet Jackson-Inspired Hashtag Broke The Internet On Super Bowl Sunday

The hashtag #JanetJacksonAppreciationDay was trending globally during the big game.

Photo credits: Getty Images

Unlike the 2004 Super Bowl halftime performance, this year’s musical intermission didn’t include Janet Jackson along with Justin Timberlake. The “Cry Me a River” performer rolled solo this year at the Super Bowl break.

However, that did not at all stop Jackson from being a subject of major attention during the 2018 Super Bowl faceoff between the New England Patriots and the Philadelphia, Eagles in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The 2004  Super Bowl’s halftime performance spawned an outrageous controversy called “Nipplegate.”

During that performance, Jackson and Timberlake performed together and at some point, Timberlake caused a “wardrobe malfunction” during him and Jackson’s dance routine, which exposed one of the singer’s breasts on live television in front of tens of millions of viewers.

Many people felt that Jackson was unfairly blamed for Nipplegate when it was Timberlake who caused the whole thing in the first place. For Jackson’s advocacy, a hashtag movement was started over the weekend on Super Bowl Sunday called #JanetJacksonAppreciationDay.