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[VIDEO] Instead Of Prayers, 50 Cent Delivers Brutal Health Scare Message To Rival Rick Ross

In the midst of rapper Rick Ross’ latest health scare, 50 Cent, his arch-rival, posts a cruel subliminal message on social media, which pokes fun at Ross and his medical condition.

Photo credits: Getty Images

It’s no secret that rappers Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson (pictured left) and William “Rick Ross” Roberts (pictured right) are not at all friends.

In fact, they have been bitter enemies for quite some time. What started off as back-and-forth┬ájabs on the microphone with song lyrics became personal after the two men became involved in the lives of their rival’s former girlfriend.

The mother of one of Ross’ children even won a lawsuit against 50 Cent because he leaked an explicit tape of her doing some less than G-rated things on camera. Ross taunted 50 Cent on social media after the mother of one his children secured her multi-million dollar victory in court saying she “got a win for the team.”