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[VIDEO] Infamous 2006 O.J. Interview Airs On TV And He Makes A Chilling Borderline Confession!

O.J. Simpson’s formerly shelved 2006 interview with Judith Regan called ‘The Lost Confession’ aired on Fox Sunday night (March 11) and offered some bone-chilling details about ‘The Trial of the Century.’

Photo credits: Fox Television Network

The saga surrounding O.J. Simpson, the murder of his ex-wife Nicole Brown-Simpson, the murder of her friend Ronald Goldman, and Simpson’s acquittal of the terrifying crimes are once again front and center.

Since Simpson’s recent release from prison on felony charges unrelated the gruesome 1994 double murder, talks about multi-million dollar interviews, reality television shows, and other ways for the disgraced football legend to capitalize on his polarizing notoriety have also been a frequent topic of discussion.

However, Fox aired a two-hour special Sunday (March 11) titled ‘O.J. Simpson: The Lost Confession,’ which was hosted by Soledad O’Brien. The show featured various clips from Simpson’s 2006 interview with Judith Regan, a publishing magnate who was working with the Harper Collins Corporation on O.J.’s book ‘If I Did It.’