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[VIDEO] Independent & Determined 2-Year-Old Climbs TWO Stair Gates To Get Her Bottle

Parents can drive you up the wall! Determined toddler escapes over not one but TWO safety gates as her thwarted dad watches in amazement


Father Wesley Quilty was secretly watching his mischievous two-year-old as she made the bold effort to escape from the entrapment.

After his daughter kept climbing over her single safety gate, the loving dad thought he could outsmart his toddler by putting up a second.

But the determined tot didn’t let that stop her from reaching her desired destination and instead combated both gates.



Commenting on his YouTube post, Wesley said that the little girl’s older sister heard a bang and told her parents about the young ones efforts.

The doting dad then put his little one back to bed but he knew that wouldn’t be the last time the stubborn tot tried to escape.

So the father went downstairs and got his camera ready to capture the great feat – not realising he’d come back up to find her mid-climb.