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[Video] Idris Elba Says Kate Winslet Was Tougher Than Him When Filming The Mountain Between Us in Subzero Temperatures

Idris Elba has played his fair share of tough characters over the course of his career, but as he admitted on an interview, there’s one thing even he can’t handle: freezing temperatures.
In the adventure film, the two play plane-crash survivors in the snowy Utah mountain range, which required a lot of actual time in the snow, especially since director Hany Abu-Assad refused to use any green screen.
“He said, ‘I want to put you guys through the test as actors,’” explained Elba. While filming near Calgary, the cast and crew took a helicopter up to the precipice, at 10,000 feet and often filmed in -38° degrees.
“The snow was up to our waists.. . . It was tough,” he said.
“I don’t do the cold!” Elba said, adding. “Kate is quite an outdoorsy person. She had these gloves that had a button you’d press and they’d heat up. I was like, ‘Are you kidding me?’”

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