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[VIDEO] “I Was Singled Out As A Black Female Senator”: Georgia Senator Arrested During Count Every Vote Rally

A Georgia senator is among protestors who were arrested on Tuesday during a “Count Every Vote” rally.

Democratic state senator and civil rights activist Nikema Williams was among the hundreds of demonstrators making her voice heard at the Georgia State Capitol Tuesday afternoon.

Williams was escorted out in handcuffs for allegedly failing to disperse and stop chanting, “no justice, no peace” along with the other demonstrators.

“I was not yelling, I was not chanting,” Williams said. “I stood peacefully because they wanted their voices to be heard and now I’m being arrested. And now I’m being arrested.”


The officers claimed that the protestors were disrupting the public.

“No one is disrupting the public right now,” one protestor told WGCL.  “What member of the public is being disrupted?”