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[VIDEO] Herman Cain, The Real Life Stephen From ‘Django Unchained’ Says ‘Trump Ain’t No Racist!’

The former Republican presidential candidate caused an uproar after a recent news interview in which he wholeheartedly assumed the role of house negro in support of Donald Trump.

Photo credits: The Onion, Politics Column

America’s history enslaving, exploiting, and dividing black people is still in effect. The only difference today is that it has taken a more covert and modernized form.

Nowadays, the political party that abolished slavery is operating as the governmental force that is keeping the establishment of old very much intact. Abe Lincoln, the Republican demigod and 16th president of the United States fought for all Americans to have financial independence from the global banking vipers who bled the country dry.

Though he did so reluctantly, Lincoln is credited by most historians for setting the stage for the abolition of slavery. But now, Republicans (as well as Democrats) are deeply in bed with the same global banking vipers Lincoln gave his life to fight against. In American politics, it’s always All. About. The. Money.