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[VIDEO] Half Naked Man Falls Through A Waffle House Ceiling In A Failed Robbery Attempt

A Man Tries To Rob A Waffle House Half Naked — Robbery Fails After He Falls Through The Ceiling

By: Eboni Walker

A man falls through the ceiling of a Waffle House while trying to rob the restaurant.

A Waffle House in Tuscumbia, Alabama were disturbed during their Sunday meal when a man came crashing through the ceiling.

The Times Daily reported that twenty-seven-year old Wesley Glenn Bost was making an attempt to rob the restaurant’s office when the incident occurred.

He entered the ceiling through the bathroom ceiling, where he used his pants to hold the door locked from anyone entering. Police reported the sink and toilet were left damaged due to Bost’s act.

Mall falls through the ceiling after attempting to rob a Waffle House. He and a culprit are still on the run. Photo: Public Record

Wearing only his shirt and his underwear, Bost tried to make his way above the restaurant’s office. But, he only made it above the dining room before falling from the ceiling.