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[VIDEO] Girl Surprises Step-Father By Changing Her Last Name As Valentine’s Day Gift

Eleven-year-old girl surprises her step-father by changing her last name to his for a Valentine’s Day surprise

This is the adorable moment a little girl surprised her step-father by changing her last name to his as a Valentine’s Day surprise.

Angel Trevino from  Refugio, Texas, changed her eleven-year-old daughter’s last name from Abila to Trevino to surprise her husband Tudy.

HaLeigh Trevino, with her step-father Tudy Trevino - who has now had his name added to her birth certificate 

In the heartwarming footage, daughter HaLeigh hands her step-father a letter which he reads out, while struggling to hold back tears.

The letter reads: ‘I know your birthday is 13 days away but I am too excited to hold it in…

‘What do you get a man that never wants? I can sit and ponder all day but in the end I know nothing would make you happier than what I am about to say…

‘”You stole her heart from day one, but she stole your last name forever.”‘

Angel found out the news in early February and couldn't wait two weeks to tell her husband
Angel Trevino, HaLeigh’s mother said: ‘About 10 years ago this whole story began.  HaLeigh’s biological dad is not listed on the birth certificate. HaLeigh was nine months old when I met my husband. She still to this day does not know that my husband is not her biological dad.

‘We will sit down and explain that to her when the time is right, at this time it’s been changing her last name and becoming a Trevino like mommy and daddy’.