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[VIDEO] Gender-Reveal Explosion Caused A $8.2 Million Wildfire

Gender reveal goes horribly wrong after dad-to-be starts a week-long forest fire in Arizona


Father-to-be wanted to make his gender reveal one to remember, but never did he expect for the party to be so costly.

The footage was taken on April 23, 2017, and it has finally surfaced thanks to the US Forest Service.

Somewhere near the Green Valley, Arizona desert a target was shot and set off a week-long wildfire.

The man responsible? US Border Patrol agent Dennis Dickey.

Dickey, 37, packed the target with a highly explosive substance called and as you could imagine, that doesn’t fair to well with a rifle. The explosion was only supposed to set off colors of pink or blue, but the crowd was in for a rude surprise.

In September, Dickey pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor violation of US Forest Service regulations and was sentenced to five years’ probation, CNN reported. He was also ordered to pay a little over $8 in restitution.  The first payment starting at $100,000. Yikes!

Let’s assume no one will be getting Christmas presents for…oh I don’t know 81 years?!

But Twitter user Matthew Keys says Dickey may not be liable for the entire $8 millions.

The fire took out just under 47,000 acres…that’s about 47,000 football fields!


One Twitter user says Dickey should have received a harsher punishment, like jail time. Do you agree?





People took to Twitter and had some pretty hilarious reactions to the story:



Some couldn’t believe the carelessness (and stupidity) of the border patrol and father-to-be:

Some questioned if he should be raising children:

Some simply concluded that these gender reveals have gotten out of hand:


By Michaé Baisden