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[VIDEO] Former Exotic Dancer Is Now The CEO of a Booming Med-Spa In Miami

Melanie Fields was an exotic dancer who left the world of stripping to become her own boss in the world of beauty.

It’s a common belief that black does not crack and black women ‘age fine like wine’. And when observing women such as Angela Bassett, Cicely Tyson, Jada Pinkett-Smith, Naomi Campbell, and Halle Berry, that may be all well and true. But there are some of us who need that time has not been as kind to and need a little cosmetic help along the way. That’s where Melanie Fields comes in.

The 32-year-old, Trinidadian, Miami native has used her former A-list contacts in the club,  her passion for the beauty industry and her hustler mentality to open up  Flawless Icon.  The medical-spa facility in Miami specializes in skin care treatments specifically for women of color.

Fields received her laser and electrology certification while stripping and says it was not easy juggling the two. But she was determined to get out of the game and make a better life for herself.

“I decided to walk away with $50K in the bank. I lived a particular lifestyle, and I’m living by myself and have a child, and I’m paying rent, and I made the decision to walk away,” Fields shared with Madam Noire in an April interview. “I prayed to God, ‘Lord, just send me my clients.”

Photo Credit: Instagram/@lasermepleasemiami

And her prayer worked! Today, Fields is a licensed laser specialist, certified medical & clinical electrologist, certified clinical medical assistant, licensed esthetician and the CEO of one of the top med-spas in Miami. Flawless Icon is quickly growing into a franchise, with Queen of Miami and rapper, Trina herself, as one of the prospective franchise owners.

Fields said she added services to the 5,000 square foot, med-spa that she underwent herself to maintain her body while stripping. Those services include Botox, butt and cellulite treatments,  skin tightening and laser treatments. Expecting mothers are welcome, prenatal massages are offered. But beauty is in the eye of the beholder and women who want these services should get them for themselves and not others. Also being beautiful starts within ourselves and being happy with that person in the mirror.

“When we are not happy with ourselves, we look angry, mad or sad,” she tells her clients on her website. “I want all women and men to be happy and feel beautiful, at all stages of their lives, when young, after pregnancies, during breaks, why not?”

When Fields is not tending to her clients, she is offering beauty and business tips on social media, as well as sharing client testimonials on social media.

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Flawless Icons is located on Biscayne Boulevard. To learn more about the medical spa, click here. 


By Alexia McKay

Alexia is the founder and editor-in-chief of RoyalTee Magazine