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[VIDEO] Florida Police Find Humor After Arresting Uber Driver For Stealing A Ferrari

After arresting the driver of a stolen, black $250 thousand-dollar Ferrari, police in Gainesville, Florida post hilarious social media messages exposing the suspect’s stupid mistakes that got him caught.

Photo credits: Gainesville Police Department/Facebook

On Thursday morning (December 28), an officer with the  Gainesville/Alachua County Drug Task Force pulled over a vehicle in Florida for suspicious driving.

However, this traffic stop was far from routine. For starters, the high-end vehicle had its license plates ran by the officer and the reader determined the car to be reported stolen. The car was a brand new black 2017 Ferrari California. This is certainly not just any old car. It has an appraised value that stands around $250,000 dollars.

The driver of the pricey, stolen sports car drew attention to himself by driving erratically and communicating with another driver who was operating a brand new red Chevy Corvette. When the task force officer finally swooped in, he was able to quickly identify the driver as Hilburn Hunkins, a 26-year-old male from the Virgin Islands.

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