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[VIDEO] Dr. Umar Johnson: Oprah’s Presidency Would Spell The “Extermination” Of Black Men

Known for his outspoken nature and Pan-Africanist ideology, Dr. Umar Johnson raised eyebrows yet again by publicly targeting Oprah Winfrey with his controversial rhetoric.

Photo credits: YouTube screenshot

Originally, Dr. Umar Johnson  (pictured) started out in his career as a Certified School Psychologist for the public school district in his native city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

In his work, he specialized in interacting with black parents whose children (particularly boys) were diagnosed with behavioral and psychological disorders, such as ADHD and autism. When Johnson left that line of work, he went on to author a book called Psycho-Academic Holocaust: The Special Education and ADHD Wars Against Black Boys.

Johnson has also toured all across the country to do speaking engagements. In addition to offering commentary on his experiences with black children in special education, Johnson also talks about his Pan-Africanist beliefs and the need for black people to have their own societal institutions.

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