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[VIDEO] Dodge Got Dragged For Its Ram Truck Super Bowl Ad That Featured MLK Speech

Dodge claims it featured excerpts from Dr. King’s February 4, 1968, speech to emphasize its Ram Nation volunteer program but the people weren’t buying it.

Photo credits: Getty Images

Non-football enthusiasts who don’t care much for the sport often say they watch the Super Bowl for the over-the-top commercials to prevent themselves from feeling left out on game day.

Every year, companies left and right pay big money for ads to cash in on the massive viewership that the Super Bowl consistently attracts. Dodge did the same this year and paid their hefty fee to get a one-minute advertising slot during a Super Bowl commercial break.

The Dodge Ram truck ad the auto manufacturer featured this year contained excerpts from a February 4, 1968, speech, which was given by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. exactly 50 years before the date of this year’s Super Bowl. The speech Dr. King gave on that day was about public service.