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[VIDEO] Dad Dresses In Leotard And Goes All Out With Daughters

Dad’s got moves! Dedicated father dons tights and a LEOTARD and goes all out for performance of Beyonce’s Single Ladies with his daughters in hysterical viral video


Dads will do anything for their daughters – but most wouldn’t willing to go this far.

Steve Haddad, a Michigan father with an impeccable sense of humor, has become a viral sensation after giving his daughters the Christmas gift of a dedicated dance partner, joining them for a rendition of Beyonce’s hit Single Ladies.

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Got the looks: The trio donned tights and leotards to match the famous pop video

In a video that has been viewed more than 14 million times, Steve dons a tight black leotard and nude tights before taking to the living room floor alongside his two little girls.

The similarly dressed kids somehow manage to keep a straight face as they run through the choreography of the famous pop video.

The performance was a part of an annual tradition among the family coming in the form of a lip-syncing contest. Unsurprisingly, Steve and his girls took the top price.

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