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[VIDEO] Comedian From Japan Shows His True Bigot Colors By Wearing Blackface On TV Show

Masatoshi Hamada, a Japanese funnyman pulled an antic on a television show in his country, which featured a scene where he appeared in blackface to make fun of Eddie Murphy in 1984’s Beverly Hills Cop.

Photo credits: YouTube screenshot via BBC News

It’s not just hard being black in the United States of America. Existing as a member of the black race anywhere on the face of the earth is difficult due to how systemic racism has been globally imposed.

A good example of this factual reality recently played out in Japan, an Eastern Asian nation, which has many of its foreign nationals living as ethnic minorities in the United States. However, a Japanese comedian under the influence of an American writing team concocted a racist antic on Japanese television that degraded blacks in a major way.

Masatoshi Hamada, a comedian, and actor from Japan made his nation look very bad by appearing in blackface on national television to poke fun in a tasteless Eddie Murphy rendition from Beverly Hills Cop. Hamada (and his trashy television show) are now under heavy scrutiny that is well-deserved for his culturally insensitive act.

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