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[VIDEO] Chicago Woman Who Was Shot On Facebook Live Gives Media Interview

A young woman from Chicago, Illinois who was shot in the arm during a confrontation that was captured on Facebook Live has told her story to a local media outlet.

Photo credits: Kearra Hardmon/Facebook

A shooting victim who was struck by a bullet after leaving a Chicago Target store has spoken out about her near-fatal ordeal, which was recorded on Facebook Live.

According to a Friday afternoon (January 5) report by WGN 9 News, a local media outlet based in Chicago, Illinois, Kearra Hardmon (pictured) talked to the station about her January 2 ordeal. The gun crime occurred around 3 p.m. on that day in the parking lot of a Parkway Gardens apartment building.

Hardmon, 27, started to record herself using Facebook Live on her phone prior to the incident because she expected a verbal confrontation with her estranged friend, not an attempted murder. Her friend is 29-year-old LaBritney Austin. Austin subsequently turned herself into police custody and has been charged with felony aggravated battery.

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