[VIDEO] Chaos At JFK Airport As Two Planes COLLIDE On The Tarmac

Chaos at JFK as two planes collide on the tarmac while airport struggles to deal with backlog of flights after bomb cyclone

A plane being towed at New York’s John F Kennedy Airport struck a Kuwait-bound airliner, prompting the flight to be cancelled.

A China Southern plane being towed along the tarmac at JFK airport clipped the right tail end of a Kuwait Airways plane early Saturday morning. Pictured is a scene from the incident's aftermath

A China Southern plane clipped the right tail end of a Kuwait Airways plane before the latter was due to takeoff for an overnight flight around 12am Saturday morning, the Port Authority said on Twitter.

Both aircrafts, which were Boeing 777s, sustained damage. No one was injured.

Kuwait Airways tweeted in Arabic that their plane was made inoperable due to the crash.

Passengers on Kuwait Airways flight 118 were taken to hotels and alternative routes for them will be planned, NBC New York reports.

The nightly low reached 9 degrees Fahrenheit (-13 degrees Celsius) the night of the crash.

The passengers on the Kuwait-bound flight were booked into hotels and will be rescheduled on different flightsThe crash comes amid travel chaos across the East Coast in the aftermath of the ‘bomb cyclone’ blizzard which wreaked havoc along the Eastern Seaboard on Wednesday and Thursday.

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