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[VIDEO] Boyfriend Hilariously Removes His Jordans ‘To Stop It From Creasing’ Before Proposal

Hilarious moment proposing boyfriend removes one of his sneakers ‘to stop it creasing’ BEFORE getting down on one knee in front of his future bride



The clip was shared to the social networking site where it went viral, being shared 164,000 times in two days.

Users online were quick to praise the man’s brilliance for ensuring his sneakers were kept fresh.

Chef Heavs said: ‘Nah. He being smart and saving money by getting his money worth out of them shoes.’

Sophia wrote: ‘His dad raised him write.’

And Lejh‏ added: ‘They Concords would have done the same.’

While Kenny Estrada‏ joked: ‘He cares about both. Why not have a great night and a non creased shoe?’

And Rocky D Oktober‏ said: ‘Proposals usually happen once but a crease lasts forever.’

Not everyone found it funny. ArsenalCat said: ‘This man is not serious. Why wear them if he’s worried about getting them creased? Unless It’s an in joke between them?’

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