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[VIDEO] Black Twitter Is Starting To Have A Problem With Bruno Mars

Viral sensation Seren Sensei started an internet-shattering, yet divisive conversation via YouTube’s ‘The Grapevine’ by calling pop singer Bruno Mars a culture vulture.

Photo credits: Slaven Vlasio/Filmmagic

If you haven’t heard of the web series on YouTube called The Grapevine, now might be the time to observe this viral concoction of culture and thought-provoking content about black America.

However, what people outside of the black community must understand is that there are some fibers of black culture that are not for everybody else. Other ethnic groups of people reserve fibers of their own culture in an exclusive manner all the time. But for some reason, there only seems to be a problem in America when black people do this.

Over the previous weekend, a young black woman called Seren Sensei broke the internet with about two minutes worth of commentary on The Grapevine. In her series of words, which many are calling a rant, Sensei broke down her disgust with Grammy-winning pop singer Bruno Mars and how he engages in cultural appropriation.