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[VIDEO] Black Barber Makes Close To Half A Million From ‘Man Weaves’

Black Excellence Is In Full Swing! A Black Barber Makes Close To Half A Million From Applying Man Weaves

By: Eboni Walker

Black excellence is rising to an all-time high.

A Maryland man has made a half-million dollars from providing hair weaves to balding men.

Vice reported Wade Menendez is a 35-year-old stylist who glues natural and synthetic hair on men’s scalps. He then styles the newly applied hair to the man’s desire. The weave is blended into the man’s hair so much that the transformation is shocking.

Menendez got into the business of installing men weaves a little over four years ago. He told Vice with the help of another barber he was able to perfect his skill.

Wade Menendez becomes a dominant figure in the man weaving business. In one year, he made more than $400,000 through his business alone. He has also done work for a number of celebrities. Photo: 123Rf

His barber shop The W Hair Loft is now thriving to a new level and giving men their dream look.

He stepped his business up to a new level when he began to host classes where he teaches hair professionals his tips and tricks. He has taught more than 500 professionals since he began. According to Vice, barbers around the world have attended one of his classes. During his latest class in October, he had a hair professional from London fly into Glen Burnie, Maryland.

“There’s a big demand for [hair units] in the U.K.,” said Steve Diligence of Diligence Barber Shop in West Ealing. “People have seen videos from the states, and they say it’s impossible or magic.”

Black hair care service and products are in demand more than they have ever been. According to Vice, Blacks represent approximately 14 percent of the population, but, they make up 85 percent of all sales in the nation’s beauty industry.

In a report done by IBIS World, it stated, “over the five years to 2017; the industry has performed well, as revenue increased at an annualized rate of 1.9% to $3.7 billion, including a 1.0% rise in 2017 alone.”

The study also shared that “barbers are generating more money per person in 2017 than they did in 2012.”

The industry has done wonders for Menendez. Last year alone, he made more than $400,000 through his business. Vice reported he charges from $200 – $650 for each weave unit, and for hair maintenance, he charges anywhere from $100 to $200.

Menendez even told the media outlet that he has also provided services for celebrities, which he did not name.

Although Menendez makes a pretty penny for his services, he said it’s not just about the money.

“I’m doing this to help other people — and that’s not just with that confidence but helping other people even make money,” Menendez told Vice. “I’m always here to do whatever I can, and I feel like that’s what I’m called on to do, so I’m operating in my purpose and my destiny.”

Menendez has learned how to conquer in an industry that is typically dominated by women.

According to Mintel, close to “six out of ten black consumers wear a wig, weave or extensions, which enables them to switch up their look.” Which totals to Blacks spending more than $2.5 billion on black hair care products and services.

While a large amount of money is being spent in this industry, a small amount of it is actually going into the hands of black people.

Black Enterprise spoke with hairstylist Alonzo Arnold, and he also sees the money going into the hands of those outside of the black community.

“When you walk into a beauty supply store in an urban neighborhood or a suburban strip mall most likely you will see a Korean owner.”

Arnold also sells custom wigs and weaves, he encourages black people to become owners the industry and looks forward to spreading economic empowerment.

By: Eboni Walker | Web: | Instagram: EboniMWA | Twitter: EboniMWalker

Source: VICE, Mintel, Black Enterprise