[VIDEO] Arizona High School Officials Tried To Suppress Football Team’s Locker Room ‘Rape Squad’ For Years

High school officials ‘KNEW about football team’s locker room “Rape Squad” for years and failed to report it’

Administrators at a prominent Arizona high school knew about allegations of abuse in the football team’s locker room but failed to alert authorities, according to newly released records.

Police recommended charges against the principal, athletic director and head coach at Hamilton High School in Chandler, Arizona.

At least four players were allegedly abused by older teammates at the public high school, the largest in Arizona.

The three administrators have all been transferred, and prosecutors said they are reviewing the recommendation to charge them.


Previously charged as an adult in the case was football player Nathaniel William Thomas (below), 17, who has pleaded not guilty to sexual assault and multiple counts of molestation, kidnapping and aggravated assault involving alleged attacks on three people.

Football player Nathaniel Thomas, 17, was charged as an adult in the case

Two other players, both 16, were charged as juveniles for kidnapping, aggravated assault and assault.

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