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[VIDEO] American Tourist Hangs On For Dear Life While Hang-Gliding After His Pilot Forgot To Attach Him To The Craft Before Take Off

Dangling From Hundreds Of Feet In The Air An American Tourist Held On For His Life

By: Brianna Wigfall

An American Youtuber went hang gliding for the first time on his first day in Switzerland. A ride he thought would be amazing turned out to be a near-death experience when he had to hold on to a metal bar for over two minutes after the pilot forgot to attach him to the glider. The terrifying ride was caught on camera, and he walked away with minor injuries.

Chris Gursky is an auto-parts manager and photographer from Florida who went to Switzerland with his wife on vacation. Gursky often records his travel adventures and post them to Youtube, but after taking off of a 4,000ft mountain, he wouldn’t come down the same. In the video names ‘Swiss Mishap’ he is seen with the pilot unharnessed before take off in which they both didn’t realize. Just seconds after takeoff Gursky began to hold on to the pilot realizing something was totally wrong.