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[VIDEO] Adorable Video Of Twin Boys With Flu Comforting Each Other Goes Viral

They’re in it together! Two-year-old twins share a hug as they both battle the flu in adorable video

Kristina Watters’ video of twins Kylan and Kolby cuddling and helping each other through flu has gone viral.

The mother got the shock of her life when the video spiraled into viral fame, racking up two million views and over 42,000 shares.

‘When the flu has hit and we have to get through this thing together. #BruthaLuvin #TwinCam #FluTimesTwo,’ Watters captioned her video.

‘I’m feeling shocked. I post about them all the time. I love my babies of course,’ Watters said.

The boys now have multiple social media pages for fans of their twin adventures including an Instagram and YouTube page called Ruckdoubles.

Their other social media pages videos depict the twins in matching clothing mischievously climbing into a play pen and hilariously nodding off to sleep while sitting in their high chairs.