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[VIDEO] A Woman Is Arrested After Choking A Bouncer Unconscious, Who She Thought Touched Her Butt

A Woman Thought A Nightclub Bouncer Grabbed Her Butt So She Chocked Him Until He Was Unconscious

By: Brianna Wigfall

A woman was arrested on Thursday and charged with second-degree strangulation. Kierah Lagrave choked a nightclub bouncer unconscious after she thought he grabbed her butt. The Plattsburgh woman assaulted the bouncer around 10:20 pm on October 20 according to theĀ Press-Republican.

The victim worked at the Five1Eight nightclub, and after reviewing surveillance footage authorities said it wasn’t the bouncer who hit Lagrave’s butt. The video shows 125-pound 22-year-old walking up behind the bouncer and chocking him until he falls to the floor unconscious. LaGrave got up and continues clubbing, and moments later the bouncer regained consciousness as people came over to check on him.

City Police Chief, Levi Ritter, said he interviewed Lagrave and she admitted to choking the bouncer because he grabbed her.

“The surveillance video clearly shows that LaGrave’s friend slapped her on the buttock’s before the incident occurred,” he said.

Surveillance footage from inside the club obtained by the New York Post shows LaGrave talking to her friend at the bar. The pair starts dancing, and her friend slaps her butt, and she immediately looks at the bouncer who was just an innocent bystander. LaGrave was arraigned on Friday in Plattsburgh City Court and was released. She is due back in court at 8:30 a.m. on November 20.

By: Brianna Wigfall | Web: | Instagram: Brianne. Live
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