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[VIDEO] A Wheelchair-Bound Man Tried To Hire A Former Marine To Kill His Ex-Girlfriend For $25,000 Because She Is Dating A Black Man

A Shocking Video Catches A Man’s Attempt To Hire A Undercover Marine To Kill His Ex-Girlfriend For $25,000

By: Brianna Wigfall

A man was caught on camera setting up a hit with a former marine on his ex-girlfriend, SanDee Jones. The Texas man, Keith Cote, was arrested in October of last year after his hitman told police about his plan. Joey Sees had agreed to kill Jones because he was worried that Cote would hire someone else to complete the task. What Cote didn’t know is that Sees had also made an agreement with law enforcement that would shut his master plan down completely.

Sees says Cote first mentioned the hit on his ex-girlfriend at a barbeque at his Austin home and said he needed a ‘dirty deed, done dirt cheap.’ Cote offered him $10,000 to kill Jones and an extra $15,000 to watch him put a bullet in her head.

“I thought he was kidding at first until he kept initiating the conversation, it’s really happening,” Sees told KXAN News.

Cote, who has been paralyzed since 2013 and in a wheelchair, told Sees that he thought he would be perfect for the job because he knew Cote had killed before with him being an ex-marine.

“When we’re in a war zone, we’re just trying to get home, and we’re just protecting each other. I guess he thought every Marine is a hitman,” Sees told the outlet. “We’re not killers. We just do our job, but our job isn’t to come home and murder someone because she’s dating a black guy.”

Sees agreed to help Cote with his mission, but Cote said if he were physically able, he would have done it himself. Sees told police what was going on and agreed to wear a wire and secretly film the conversation with Cote. Sergeant Darrell Gibson of Travis County Sheriff’s Office worked the case and said they needed sound evidence to nail Cote and protect Jones.

“My number one goal is to protect her [Jones] and in order to do that we’ve got to start putting assets into position to do so. We built the absolute strongest case as possible because we cannot let something like this fail on a technicality,” Gibson said.

Cote’s every move was monitored for three weeks by Travis County, FBI, DPS, and the US martial lone start fugitive task force. The hit was supposed to take place at Jones’ place of work and helicopters watched from above as Cote took Sees there to show him where Jones parked her car saying there were no nearby cameras.

“I would say just stay along the perimeter. It’s dark, and you’re a ninja,” Cote explained to Sees.

“He wanted me to make sure it looked like a robbery, steal her purse get her phone,” Sees explained.

Sees asked Cote is he wanted him to take a headshot and he replied ‘yes.’ “While she’s in the car?” he replied by saying, “No she’ll be walking out of the door.”

Sees kept the conversation going confirming that he would be all blacked out during the altercation and Cote agreed. “Right. Coming around the fence. Probably squatting down right here waiting.”

Sees told police Cote also asked if he could ride in the back of the truck on the night of the arranged killing so he could see her being murdered. Cote told Sees, “It ain’t about revenge, it’s about the reckoning.”

Before the two could have they’re final meet up Cote was arrested at his home and charged with criminal soliciting to commit capital murder and pleaded not guilty. He spends 10 1/2 months in jail on a $1 million bond then bonded out and killed himself before trial.

“I knew I would never be free until he no longer breath on this earth. Even from jail, prison, I’ve live terrified for the last year of my life. I’m able to tell my story and have my voice because I’m not in a body bag and Joey made that possible; he’s the reason I’m alive,” Jones said.

By: Brianna Wigfall | Web: | Instagram: Brianne. Live