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[VIDEO] Two Brothers Give A Struggling Woman Cash After She Paid For Gas With Pennies

Two Brothers Give A Woman Hundreds When They See Her Paying For her Gas With Pennies

By: Eboni Walker

What a refreshing sight.

Rising comedian, Carlos Davis, and his brother were at a gas station when they noticed a woman paying for her gas with pennies.

Davis and his brother immediately made a decision to help the woman.

In a video that was uploaded by Davis, you can see him getting out of his vehicle and handing the woman a few hundred dollar bills.

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Two brothers give a stranger hard cash after they see her paying for her gas in pennies. The emotional woman tells them that he her husband passed away which made things extremely difficult for her. Photo: 123Rf

The woman instantly becomes emotional and is first hesitant to take the money.

The woman thanks the men multiple times and revealed that her husband had just passed away. She also admitted that she was indeed struggling and ever since his death.