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[VIDEO] A Football Coach Goes Viral After He Surprised His Girlfriend With A Marriage Proposal With The Help Of His Players

A Coach Makes His Girlfriend A Fiance With The Help Of His Players

By: Brianna Wigfall

A football coach goes viral after he takes a knee on the football field to propose to his girlfriend. The Georgia high school football coach used the help of his players to serenade the love of his life to a moment she will never forget. Nafis Pickett is the recruiting coordinator and wide receiver coach at Lanier High School’s football program according to ABC News.

Pickett told Good Morning America that he had been with his girlfriend, Ashley Wilson, for one year and he asked his players to help him execute his surprise proposal. “She’s the love of my life,” the 31-year-old said. “She supports me in everything I do. She’s at every single football game; she knows it’s my passions. She knows I’ll do anything [for] those boys.”

Coach Pickett took to Twitter to share a picture of him and his now fiance saying, “Last night my baby said yes!!! Love my queen.”

On the big night on November 2, with a minute and 30 seconds left in the game, Pickett asked some of his players to give Ashely roses. As the players huddled around Wilson, they told her how important she was and gave their appreciation as they handed her the roses. As Ashley collects the roses, the video shows Pickett getting down on one knee in the midst of it all. She said yes, and the players cheered and celebrated the happy couple.

Coach Pickett shared the video to his Twitter account saying, “Here is the proposal and my queen saying yea! What made it even more of a great moment was my players being so happy for me! I love my boys so thankful God put me in their lives. I love my queen Ashley Wilson.”

Pickett told the outlet the proposal went perfect,” you can tell by her face she was very shocked,” he said. “I’m just grateful that God was able to place her in my life. When you can find a woman like that, that’s all you can ask for.”

Coach Pickett also thanks Lanier’s head coach, Korey Mobbs, for allowing him to be apart of the team.

By: Brianna Wigfall | Web: | Instagram: Brianne. Live

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