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The Vibrating Alarm Clock That Promises To Start Your Day With an Orgasm

Wake me up before you go go GO! The vibrating alarm clock that promises to start your day with an orgasm

Imagine if, instead of starting your day dragging yourself out of bed to the sound of a loud alarm, you were able to rise in the morning with a smile on your face, having just had a much more… er… pleasurable wake up call.

Well, that’s the promise behind the new device making a buzz in the market, the Little Rooster alarm.

The small plastic miracle combines a vibrator with an alarm clock so that you can be woken up with an orgasm.


The clever little alarm is worn inside your underwear, so that the long plastic rod of it slits on your clitoris.


You program in an alarm time and then instead of emitting a loud noise, it simply starts to vibrate to bring you out of your slumber. The vibrations automatically increase until you wake and turn it off.

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