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UPDATE: The Quadruplet Wade Brothers Start Their First Day At Yale Together!

[VIDEO] The Today Show got an exclusive look at the Quadruplet brothers as they start their first day at Yale!  The Wade brothers, Zach, Aaron, Nick and Nigel have settled into life in the Ivy League after they all decided to attend the same prestigious university. Mom and Dad are empty nesters as the Wade brothers start their first day at Yale!

The brothers are living apart for the first time in their lives as each lives in a different dorm.  “Although we are a support group for each other if we need to be, we also came to Yale to kind of find our own personalities, our own group,” Nigel told NBC’s Thomas Roberts.

Scroll down for the Quadruplets graduation picture slide show and exclusive interview on the Today show. 

There were 32,900 applicants for the Yale Class of 2021, and the Wades were four of 2,272 accepted, according to the Yale website. The 1,550 incoming students make it the largest freshman class in Yale history.

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