United Airlines Reaches Settlement With Dr. David Dao

United Airlines has reached a settlement with the passenger who was dragged off one of its flights.

Dr. David Dao will receive an undisclosed amount from the company it was announced on Thursday afternoon.

Lawyers for Dr. Dao called the settlement ‘amicable’ and revealed that one of the provisions was that the exact amount agreed upon by both sides remain confidential.

The 69-year-old suffered a ‘severe concussion,’ broken nose and lost two teeth in the incident, which occurred at O’Hare Airport in Chicago.

It was all caught on video too, with multiple passengers filming and taking pictures of Dr. Dao, who could be seen with blood covering his face at one point.

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United Airlines CEO Oscar Munoz spoke about Dr. Dao’s ordeal on Thursday, and admitted that he and the company made many mistakes in the wake of the incident.

‘That first response was insensitive beyond belief. It did not represent how I felt,’ explained Munoz.

‘Like most people, I got caught up in facts and circumstances because clearly the event was more complicated than other recent ones at other airlines. I messed up, plain and simple.’

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