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The Ugly Truth Of Dating….

The Ugly Truth of Dating is that it does not need to remain ugly, half the battle is knowing the terms of engagement and the other half is not accepting terms that don’t agree with your values.

By Robin Tyson

The Ugly Truth of Dating—-

One thing we can all agree on is there is an ugly truth of dating in 2017 .. it is CONFUSING, to say the least.  After, recently watching a classic film, The Ugly Truth.  I wondered what is the truth and how do we navigate unless we understand the latest trends.. drum roll, please!

If you’re not already partnered, putting yourself out there is a battle. While, dating is hard enough, there are many other aspects of modern dating that make it even more challenging.   We are not just talking online dating, but also the new hookup culture trends that are picked up and created along the way.

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