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Trump Says “Obama Has Been Very Nice To Me” Despite Wiretapping Claims

Even Though He Accused Barack Obama Of Wiretapping Him, Trump Admits That The Former President Has Been Very Nice To Him But Says His People Have Not.

Donald Trump says president Barack Obama has ‘been very nice to me personally, but his people haven’t been nice.’

‘He’s nice personally, there doesn’t seem to be a lot of nice things happening behind the scenes. And that’s unfortunate,’ Trump told Fox News’ Jesse Watters in an interview that aired Saturday.

Two weeks ago the current president accused the former one of wiretapping him, an act he called ‘low’ and ‘sick’ in tweets.

While Trump has been insistent that he was surveiled in some way by the previous administration, his anger at Obama himself appears to have tapered off.

Watters had mentioned rioting in the street and asked Trump if he thinks Obama wants him to succeed. He also prodded the president about the so-called deep state and the possibility that Obama is ‘pulling the strings behind the scenes.’

The deep state refers to the entrenched bureaucracy within the government, career civil servants who the right-wing on Trump’s party believes are working to unseat the Republican president.

In the Fox News interview conducted on Wednesday while Trump was in Nashville, Watters asked the president about ‘the anti-Trump resistance.’

‘It’s out there in the streets. Some of its in the federal government,’ he asserted. ‘How much of it do you think is that genuine anger, and how much do you think that someone Obama [is] pulling the string from behind the scenes.’

Trump replied, ‘It might be everything, you know, there’s some anger. There’s great love on our side. I mean look at the crowds outside.’

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