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Tracey Cox Reveals The Biggest Turnoffs For Women And Men

Tracey Cox Tells Men And Women All Of The Ends And Outs Of Sex

By: Eboni Walker

Many women and men believe they are experts when it comes to having sex.

But there are others who wonder what is sexy in bed and what isn’t.

Well, for those in doubt, you may not have to worry anymore. Sex expert Tracey Cox has revealed all of the answers to the ‘do’s and don’ts ‘ during intercourse.

Read below for everything you need to know about what men and women hate in bed.

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Ten Things That Men Hate Women Do In Bed:

Suggesting you watch porn together and then hate when he says “yes.” 

Apparently, the majority of men watch porn. So, some women decide watching it with their significant other. But some women are petrified after seeing their partner’s reaction to the graphic scenes.

“I was also taken aback by how aroused he got,” one woman told Cox after watching it. “He didn’t ever get that turned on with me, and it left me feeling sexually insecure.”

Cox suggests that if you’re going to try it, don’t be insulted if he gets turned on — look at it as a habit.

Being too noisy to the point others can hear 

Cox reports that being a little noisy with slight moans and groans are fine. But screaming and thrashing about is a big “no.” Especially if others are at risk of hearing, such as neighbors, kids, and parents. It can be extremely embarrassing for men. She reports that men can also call out when a woman is faking it if the groans are over-exaggerated.

Overgrown toenails

She reports that men pay attention to toes more than women may think. Long, dirty toenails are disgusting to men.

Going to the bathroom right before sex and not washing up afterward

A man who interviewed about this reported, “Me giving her oral sex was the basis of nearly every sex session we had but she’d think nothing of going for a pee just before, with the door open, and not washing either her hands or her bits. I found it gross.”

Men prefer for women to shower before sex if she has to go to the restroom right before.

Scratching his back during sex 

In films, it may be displayed that scratching your partner’s back during sex is sexy. But, for most men, it’s simply over the top and just hurts.

Being overly self-conscious about your body

Covering up your body every time you’re in the act becomes annoying to men. After the first few months of having sex, you should be comfortable in your skin when in bed with you’re significant other.


Only having sex in the missionary position

Women may prefer the missionary position because of the eye contact, the hiding of the body and because it’s easy. But, men what to switch it up sometimes and become bored with the same thing. Especially if you’re longtime partners.

Telling him when to have an orgasm

It makes me insecure. Just let them do their thing.

Only dressing up when you go outside of the home without him 

“My wife comes home from work in heels and pencil skirts and looks hot and sexy. But the minute she’s through the door, off go the heels and on comes the tracksuit,” a man told Cox.

Dress up solely for your partner from time to time.

Agreeing to have sex then acting like you’ve done him a huge favor 

Sex is meant to be a mutually pleasurable experience. Don’t make your partner feel as though they owe you after you’ve finished the act.

Ten Things Women Hate That Men Do In Bed:

Letting us do all the work when we’re on top

When a woman is on top, Cox reports that a woman is looking for some support by holding her hips and lifting her up and down.

Touching her body parts that she is uncomfortable about 

If she tells you that she is insecure about a certain body part, it is not going to make her feel comfortable by touching them.

Refusing to wear a condom

Woman are reportedly easier targets to catch an STD. Therefore, many women prefer to protect themselves by wearing a condom. Let her do that.

Aggressively pushing her head down during oral sex

Don’t do it.

Rubbing the clitoris extremely too hard 

It hurts. The clitoris is a very sensitive area, and women prefer for you to be more gentle.

Thrusting too deep into a woman 

Be gentle. Don’t hurt her.

Skipping foreplay and getting straight to the business 

A woman wants to feel cherished before sex, and you can’t make her feel that way unless you take your time during foreplay.

Prolonging sex for hours

Cox says that by overdoing it can force a woman to stop enjoying it and wait for it to be over.

By: Eboni Walker | Web: | Instagram: EboniMWA | Twitter: EboniMWalker

Source: DailyMail, Nzherald