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Michael Baisden Mentoring


One Dream OneTeam is in partnership with Big Brothers Big Sisters to recruit African American male mentors for nearly 12,000 boys that have been on a waiting list for up to a year for a mentor match.

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  • Wow, Mr Baisden, you’re doing some real blessing that will help build and lift some lives out of the pit of poverty.. May the good Lord continue to keep you and bless you. And Thank you. Was coming to personally thank you. Seeing I just lived down the street. Long story short, got very ill, had to move out of state. Then my daughter had had a baby and I stayed. Got graves disease and for ten years noone knew including the doctors I saw.. Treated and diagnosed now. Well, this is another issue happening in communities. Some people will never be treated correctly. What a fiasco. Anyway, love you, you sexy thing and keep up the great work!

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