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Toddlers Are Busted Opening Their Christmas Gifts Early

Busted! Mom Catches Her Two Children Opening Their Christmas Gifts Early

Two toddlers may have landed themselves on the naughty list after they were caught opening their Christmas presents early.

Mother Monica Avila of Westminster, Colorado, filmed her children after she busted her three-year-old daughter Raiin in the pajamas she had diligently wrapped and left under the Christmas tree.

When the mom tried to interrogate Raiin and her two-year-old son Cree, however, they looked anything but remorseful.

screen-shot-2016-12-20-at-10-02-13-pmAvila said she had wrapped several presents well before Christmas but realized one package had gone missing.

When she told her kids to put on their pajamas before bed, her daughter couldn’t contain her excitement and appeared in her new outfit.

When Avila asked her daughter where she got her new ‘jammies’, Raiin sidestepped the question and said, ‘Mommy’.

When pressed, Raiin said she got the gift from under the Christmas tree.

The mother can be heard asking, ‘Who told you to unwrap the gifts under the Christmas tree?’

The toddler admitted, ‘Nobody’.

Further questions led to the toddler throwing her little brother under the bus and saying: ‘Cree got….a Spiderman.’

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