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Tips and Remedies to Take Care of Your Natural Nail Under the Acrylics

Acrylics are cool and all, but not if your real nails are suffering from it underneath…

If you’re a woman on the go  (aka a “boss babe”  because  the b-word can be so disrespectful), a weekly/ bi-weekly trip to the nail salon is as common and routine as tying our hair up at night for bed. The nail techs probably know what you want before you even ask and may convince you to do other services you haven’t even thought of, such as lip waxing (which my first impression would be, ‘what are you trying to say, I have hair under my lips?). But a good nail tech should put the health of your nails before the need to pull the bottom out of your pockets, if that makes senses.

Photo Credit: Bay Area Black Market

The most common sign of unhealthy nails are yellow nails. Yellowing can caused by any dirt, food or bacteria that may get caught under your acrylic and stuck under the tips of your real nail, causing a fungus, flaking, peeling and unpleasant odors.