Tiger Woods Skips Florida DUI Hearing, Pleads Not Guilty

Tiger Woods did not attend his arraignment in Florida on Wednesday for a driving under the influence charge, leaving his defense attorney to sign a not guilty plea in court.

The defendant’s attendance is required for any plea other than not guilty. Woods’ attorney, Douglas Duncan, declined to comment Wednesday.

Woods will enter a one-year diversion program for DUI offenders in Palm Beach County, Adrienne Ellis, the Palm Beach County chief assistant state attorney, told ABC News. Community service and a “Victim Impact Panel,” in which classes discuss real-life drinking and drug related crashes, are part of the program requirements.

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Although there is no plea deal, entering the program allows Woods to knock the charge down to a reckless driving count, Ellis said. Because Woods is a first-time offender, she added, the charge could be expunged.

“He wasn’t treated differently than anybody else,” Ellis told ABC News.

Woods’ arraignment date was reset for October 25 at 8:30 a.m. ET.

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