Three Signs It’s Time To Walk Away From Your Relationship

If you feel like you’re stuck in a relationship rut and can’t decide whether it’s time to walk away, there are three tell-tale signs you can spot.

According to relationship expert Olga Levancuka, there are three factors in a relationship that prove it is time you should cut ties.

Olga also believes that in many cases, other people around you can see the signs long before you can. Here she shares the three signs to spot.

1.  You’re not their priority: Being someone’s priority isn’t necessarily all about spending every waking moment together. It’s about playing an important role in each other’s life and being truly connected.

Take a moment to think if you’re really involved in your partner’s life. Do they make important decisions that could potentially have an impact on both of you on their own?Have you met the people who are important to them? Are they making future plans without asking for your input?

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