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This Man Admits He Knew He Married The Wrong Woman

This Man Admits He Knew He Married The Wrong Woman

During one of my shows on marriage, I posted a comment asking my listeners to share their views. I called it “Finish This Sentence.” This is what I posted: “Please Finish This Sentence. The reason why my marriage failed is because (blank).” The letter you’re about to read was inspired by the response e-mailed by Glenn from Los Angeles.

Glenn wrote: The reason why my marriage failed is because I was too in love with my life to see that we were not compatible in the bedroom or when it came to communicating. We met back in college and reunited in our early 30s. Everyone just assumed we would eventually get married. It’s amazing how other people’s expectations can make you feel pressured to do something that deep down inside you know is a bad decision. I proposed to my wife back in 2008. She was 35 I was 38. I figured at that age I was old enough to handle the responsibility of a wife and family. But being responsible is not enough to guarantee a successful marriage; neither is commitment or compromise. None of those things matter if you’re not honest with yourself about who you are and who your partner is before you get married. It’s a shame that I didn’t realize that until after my divorce was final. As you mature, you learn valuable lessons about relationships; such as how falling in love can blind you to who your partner truly is and it can make you delusional about your own limitations.

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  • You are still the same man you pretend your not. Thanks for the lesson, it hurt a lot. I thought you were different. Not at all like your positive quotes. You had me going there. In love and evetything, now go and laugh at this.

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