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There’s Nothing Worse Than A Liar, Here’s Why!

There’s Nothing Worse Than A Liar, Here’s Why!

Cheating is not a game. It’s humiliating; it destroys self-esteem and puts a person’s health at risk. ~ Michael Baisden

raise-your-handWhen someone tells you they’re not seeing other people, you shouldn’t have to guess whether or not they’re telling the truth. At the beginning of the relationship a simple question is asked: “Are you dating or having sex with other people?” It’s a simple yes or no answer. If your answer is “no” then you are expected to live up to your word. It’s called having integrity. But every day people look their partners straight in the eyes and lie to them knowing full well they have no intention of living up to their promise.

I have issues with people who can’t tell the truth, especially about something as serious as being faithful. If you can’t handle the responsibility of a committed relationship, stop play­ing with people’s emotions and stop wasting their valuable time. Infidelity can leave scars that last a lifetime. And the closer to home the betrayal happens; the harder it can be to recover. Cheating with a co-worker is bad enough but when it happens with a close friend or relative it can be devastating. The thought of your best friend or brother-in-law smiling in your face while having sex with your partner behind your back will have you ready to choke the hell out of somebody! And to add insult to injury, it often happens in the same bed you sleep in every night. Now that’s disrespectful!

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