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The Side Chick: Who is Really To Blame?

Whether you want to admit it or not, almost every woman has been a side chick at least once or twice  in their lives, some unknowingly and others intentionally.

Sideline chicks, also known as ‘homewreckers, h**s and mistresses’. He could spend hours with you and carry on what you think is a relationship and still go back to his wife or girlfriend.  But is that other woman really at fault on why your relationship failed or should you be looking at that male specimen laying next to you?

There is a different breed of female (and male)  in the world today. We live in a society where men believed they’re the prize versus the alternative and situationships are more ideal than actual relationships.

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Side note: Situationships are situations in which you do everything as a couple; act like a couple, argue like a couple, have feelings like a couple , you may even live together like a couple, but you two are NOT a couple.

Some women become content for just a piece of man and would put themselves in arguably, ‘bs’ situations just to say that you two are “cool”. Hence, the side chicks who know they are side chicks.  The women who choose to deal with a man knowing he has a whole, other relationship with someone else. There’s an argument between the two. When we’re together, we’re together, when we’re not, we’re not.