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The Reason Why Women Say Nothing Is Wrong When Something Is Definitely Wrong

Why Do Women Say There’s Nothing Wrong When Something Is Clearly Wrong

By: Eboni Walker

Woman are mysterious creatures. Some days they’re happy and some days they aren’t. They know what they want but, then again they don’t.

But one thing is for sure — when a woman says there’s nothing wrong with her, there’s something definitely wrong with her.

99% of the time when a man asks a woman what is wrong with her, she’s going to say nothing. Even though 99% of the time, thereĀ is something wrong Photo: 123Rf

This is something men have been wondering for decades.

They can notice their woman upset. But she’s going to say nothing is wrong, until later when they decide to explode in danger.

Most men will say women are like this because they’re plain crazy. But that’s not the case. There are many reasons why a woman will say there’sĀ nothing wrong, when indeed — there’s something wrong.