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The Pressure As a Young Woman To Have Kids In Your 20s

Starting a family is a common goal on most women’s list. But does it have to be in your 20s? Where does this logic come from?

Back in February, Necole Kane, the founder of the popular lifestyle website, xonecole, tweeted out this message, “you can be fit, career popping, good credit, financially stable, amazing health, well-trained, glowing, chakras aligned, and people will be like… but where your man at though.”


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As if being successful, sexy, confident,  doing bad by ourselves and in our right minds are not good enough accomplishments as women. And with the questionable circumstances of a man, the lingering pressure of children follows.

It targets you at family gatherings, like the BBQs and the baby showers, especially if you’re raised in the south . There’s always the grandmother or other elder woman in our family who most likely got knocked up and married before the legal drinking age.