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“The Best Sex I’ve Ever Had..” Superhead Tells Which Rapper Was The Best

Superhead Goes Down The List Rating The Best Sex She’s Ever Had

Karrine ‘Superhead’ Steffans has a long track record between the sheets, and she has no shame in dishing all the juicy details. Since she is planning on the return to television Rolling Out put together an extensive list of Hollywood’s favorites who she has slept with and what she thought about her experience. The outlet says she never told information about political commentator and cable talk-show host Bill Maher, but everyone else was free game.

From the likes of Jay-Z, Usher, Ja Rule, and much more are on the list including the person who she claims was the best she’d ever had, she doesn’t hold back about what went down. The particularly long list includes,

Ja Rule: “His wife was a gullible dope.”

getIce T: “Easy-to-fleece sugar daddy

Shaq: “Was generous.”

Bobby Brown: “A hallucinatory drug addict she used to have to slap crazy.”