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The Answers You’ve Been Looking For — Here Are The 9 Signs To Follow When It’s Time To Break It Off For Good

Are You Thinking About Leaving Your Significant Other? If So — Here Are Nine Signs That Will Tell You It’s Time To Go

By: Eboni Walker

As lovers, some people stay in relationships much longer than we should.

Even if they know it’s over, they stay because it’s what feels comfortable.

But there are even some people who just don’t know what the signs are for them to leave.

Well, Dr. Kathleen Isaac, Ph.D., Psychologist has the answer for you. In an exclusive report from Essence, Isaac gives nine signs that let a person know when its time to end the relationship.

“In my experience working with individuals and couples, the decision to break up is never straightforward,” Issac said.”We bring our own histories and attachment styles into each relationship, so the reason why we need to break up and when to do so is person-dependent.”

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1. You’ve grown apart

This typically happens when the love is not the same anymore. Throughout the years, people change, which forces their relationship to change as well. When this happens, both parties typically want something different in a partner. They don’t like the same things anymore, so, it’s time to move on.

2. You’re being mentally or physically abused 

“No one should stay in a relationship in which he or she is being abused verbally, emotionally, financially or physically,” Isaac said. “Love does not hurt, nor is it controlling. [Therefore, you should] exit this relationship safely and seek the support of other survivors, family, trusted friends and even a therapist.”

3. You Compromise Your Values

One thing a person should never do is forget about their values and standards to please a significant other. “When your values start becoming compromised for the sake of ‘being in a relationship’ it’s time to reassess and affirm your worth outside of that relationship,” said Sonya Frazier, Licensed Mental Health Counselor. “Neither party in a relationship should lose the essence of who they are as individuals. It’s important to note that relationships are meant to uplift and evolve us rather than diminish and destroy us. If you are feeling more criticized than celebrated in your relationship, it’s time for you to reassess and consider this to a be a sign to let it go.”

4. You No Longer Desire Sex With Your Partner

This sign doesn’t apply to relationships that do not include sex within their relationship. But for those who do, it is natural for your partner to be sexually attracted to you and vice versa. If that momentum slows down, and you notice yourself not sexually attracted to your significant other, there is definitely a reason why.

5. You No Longer Care 

When you notice yourself arguing less and going along with things that typically bother you; you no longer care. If a person becomes so drained within their relationship, they don’t see anything worth fighting for anymore. Therefore they begin to not care about the relationship and its outcome.

6. When Your Relationship Is One-Sided 

If only one person is putting in all the effort to make the relationship work, it’s time to go.

Communication is key. That goes for any relationship, even with your friends and family. So, if your communication with your significant other isn’t up to par, it’s not going to work.
8. Your Needs Are Not Being Met 
In a relationship, people spend a lot of time trying to please the other person. At some point, one must be selfish, and demand for there needs to be met, physically, mentally and emotionally. If that is not happening, then it is time to leave. Don’t settle for whatever a person is willing to give you. Set the bar and don’t lower it for no one.
9. You’re Just Not Happy 
If you’re just not feeling it, then leave. It’s obviously a reason why. So, one should leave, instead of staying and being unhappy.
Life is short, and your happiness should always come first.

By: Eboni Walker | Web: | Instagram: EboniMWA | Twitter: EboniMWalker

Source: Essence